SGTP stands for Stable Growing Token Protocol. Remember this name, as it’ll soon become the new king of the crypto space. Millions of crypto investors will invest billions of dollars into these SGTP projects, and you better be first in the line for the high profits.

But are these SGTP projects so good for the average investor?
Let’s dive in and see what SGTP has to offer.

The idea behind the SGTP

You know, when you buy or sell a currency in the bank or the exchange, it has a commission fee, they take for themselves as a profit. Now, the SGTP uses this same algorithm in the smart contract, but with one important exception, the difference between the token buy and sell price is used by the smart contract to increase the token price.

Thus, every time a token is bought or sold, a special mathematical algorithm, integrated in the smart contract, distributes the commission earned to all issued tokens in such a way, that the buy and sell price of the token always grows.

So, in the SGTP, every buy or sell iteration, increases the price of the token for the next buyer or seller. This formula guarantee that once you buy the token, its price will only grow and never fall.

SGTP secure investment

SGTP is based on the immutable smart contract. Once the smart contract is deployed on the mainnet, no one can change it or have access to the liquidity pool stored in there. This immutability feature will save investors from scammers, who close the shop and exit with all the investors’ money.

SGTP has no pre-mined tokens

The creator of SGTP project cannot depreciate the token price as they earn a small commission out of all tokens bought and has no pre-mined tokens.

SGTP need no exchanges

In order to buy token, user send ether to the smart contract liquidity pool and as soon as ether is in the smart contract, it mints the amount of tokens bought and send them to the buyer address. And in order to sell token, just send tokens back to the smart contract, it will burn these tokens and send ether to your address. Easy as that.

In SGTP whales work for you

Usually, when whales buy any token, the price of this token is rapidly increasing. But when whales sell, the token price fall right to the bottom, from where it has a long way to come back if at all. Usually, the average investor is left in the dust with their worthless tokens.  This is also known as a pump & dump scheme.

Not so with SGTP. When whales buy, token price is increasing and when they sell, the token price is also growing! Now whales work for you. If they sell and exit, your tokens value only grows!

As a final word…

I would say that with most crypto projects on the market, the probability of their token price falls and you losing money is almost 99%. With SGTP you’re finally guaranteed that your token value will only increase and never fall.

And that is what the whole crypto investor community was waiting for!

Trigon is the first SGTP project that is about to launch in the crypto space. Trigon native TRGN token price will start from 0.001 ETH per token and only will grow from there. Trigon has all the benefits of the SGTP project, described above, plus, the creator minted 58 000 governance tokens (TRIN), 30 000 of which is due to be airdropped to TRGN buyers through a fair launch event. All TRIN token holders share the profit from the TRGN token sales. Every time, TRGN token is bought by someone, 5% of that amount is sent to the TRIN smart contract, that distributes TRGN tokens to all addresses, holding TRIN tokens once a month.